Stock Transfers

Has the stock market been good to you? Would you consider selling some of your shares to make a donation? 

The Grand Forks Senior Center accepts gifts of appreciated stock, bonds, and mutual funds which would be sold and the proceeds used to support programs and services for older adults.   

By giving shares of stocks (owned for at least one year), you can receive a tax deduction and avoid potential capital gains taxes.  

When making the donation you will be helping older adults in our community by supporting programs and services that help them live to their full potential. If you choose, you can dedicate your donation in memory or in honor of a loved one.  

Making a transfer of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds is easy. Simply work with your broker to initiate the transfer and contact Becky Broadwell, who can provide transfer instructions to your broker. Becky's contact information is 701-757-4864 or