GFSC Staff

Executive Director Colette Iseminger, MS, RD, LRD —

Assistant Director & Development Officer Becky Broadwell701-757-4864


Activity Manager Ranea Johnson701-757-4866

Activity Assistant & Gaming Supervisor Amber Hahn701-757-4873

Customer Service Representative Cathy Infeld701-772-7245


Public Relations Manager Jami Schumacher701-757-4863;

Information Technology Specialist Colt Iseminger


Health Manager, Shirley Lill, RN — 701-757-4868

Health Nurse Brenda McCoy, LPN — 701-757-4878

Health Nurse Carol Snortland, RN — 701-757-4878


Resources Manager Joyce Austin — 701-757-4881

Resources Coordinator Libby Kathman, LSW — 701-772-7245

Resources Coordinator Lynn McGarry, MSW, LSW — 701-757-4877

Resources Coordinator Sue Quirk701-757-4874

Nelson County Resources Coordinator — 701-270-3010


Kitchen Supervisor/Head Cook Gerri Davis701-757-4871

Cook Julie Kamrowski

Cook's Assistant Mary Krese

GFSC Kitchen Assistant Liz Lindquist

HDM Kitchen Assistant Lori Krueger

HDM Kitchen Assistant Ashley Normandin

Meal Delivery Don Cox

Meal Delivery Substitute Ron Guthmiller

Kitchen Substitute Alice Lund

Dishwasher Jerome Jerome


Meals on Wheels Coordinator — 701-757-2006

Home Delivered Meals Co-Coordinator Paula Altepeter701-780-5169

Home Delivered Meals Co-Coordinator Rhonda Stephan701-780-5169


GFSC Site Manager Kathy Kenyon — 701-757-4869

Homestead Site Manager Marlys Wockovich

The Link Site Co-Managers Michael O’Keefe and Alice Lund