Meal Delivery

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The Basics of Meal Delivery

Home Delivered Meals and Meals on Wheels (two different programs, but both operated by the Grand Forks Senior Center) deliver hot, nutritious, weekday, noon meals to homebound seniors and others who would like meals delivered to them within the city limits of Grand Forks or East Grand Forks. Our service helps preserve independence and dignity by assisting seniors (and others) as they strive to remain independent in their homes.

If no one is home when a meal is delivered and arrangements have not been made, the client’s emergency contact (provided at the time of registration) will be notified to ensure the client’s safety.

Frozen meals are delivered once a week to those requesting them for weekends and holidays as a way to bridge the meal-gap in between meal delivery.

So which program is best for you? See the chart to help guide you in choosing a program. If you are still unsure, call one of the programs and any of the coordinators can assist you. They can also help get you started.


Meals for these programs are planned under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Each meal complies with the most recent dietary guidelines for Americans. The Meals on Wheels program is only able to provide a regular diet, but the Home Delivered Meals program has the ability to provide the following diets: low sodium, diabetic, gluten-free, cardiac, ground, and pureed.

Home Delivered Meals sample menu

Meals on Wheels sample menu (only lunch, with an entree option, is available for meal delivery)


Each program has a unique funding structure, therefore the billing of meals is done differently. Clients will receive a printed statement each month. Various forms of payment are accepted: checks, cash, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - food stamps) EBT cards, and credit cards.

Our meal delivery programs receive partial funding from Title III Older Americans Act, Mill Levy funds, United Way, grants, and private donations. All money collected from clients for their meals go back into the program to pay for more meals.

Home Delivered Meals
The cost of a client’s meal for Home Delivered Meals is generally dependent on monthly income (except if the client is 60 years or older AND homebound, then it is on a suggestion donation basis). A fee guideline is used to determine each client’s meal cost (usually ranging from $3.00-$7.50/meal). The full cost to provide a meal for this program is $8.60. We ask that clients consider paying the full cost if they are able.

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Meals on Wheels
The cost of a client’s meal for Meals on Wheels is on a suggested donation basis. This means the client pays what they can afford. The current suggested donation is $4.25/meal. If a caregiver is under 60 and also receiving a meal, the client pays a set price of $9.00/meal for the caregiver’s meal.


We have a whole group of volunteers who deliver meals for us each weekday. If you would like to become one of the group, check out our volunteering opportunities. There is no way we could assist so many older adults without our volunteers, and our volunteers tell us that the work they do is incredibly satisfying.

For More Information

For more information regarding Home Delivered Meals, view the brochure or call 701-780-5169.

For more information regarding Meals on Wheels, view the brochure or call 701-757-2006.