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MySeniorCenter registration form for the Grand Forks Senior Center

Something new and exciting is kicked off here at the Grand Forks Senior Center in April 2018. ‘MySeniorCenter’ is a software program that enables senior centers to schedule and track programs, meals, trips, Resources interactions, equipment loans, Health visits, and so much more. This software system is already implemented in over 1,000 senior centers across the U.S. and Canada and the Grand Forks Senior Center is one of its newest customers! We are looking at a multi-year implementation process, meaning we will implement one area or department at a time, fully adjusting and integrating before moving on to the next area.

But the first step is to issue all of you key tags for this new system. Much like the key tags you may have for your gym, pharmacy, or library, you will want to keep it on your primary key chain. 

In order to have a key tag issued to you, you will need to fill out a ‘MySeniorCenter’ registration form. Located at the top of this page, you can print it out and fill out the form completely before bringing it with you when you come visit the Senior Center. Bringing the form already completed will save time, plus you can look up those emergency phone numbers when at home. We do also have blank forms available at the Senior Center that you can fill out.

The front desk personnel can issue you a key tag anytime, so please come in soon and get your key tag!

The first department in which we are implementing MySeniorCenter is the Health Department. This means we hope to get all of our Health (foot care) clients issued their key tags in April and May. Grand Forks Senior Center staff and volunteers will show Health clients how to check in for their appointments right on the touchscreen monitor in the Health waiting room.

Also in April we will put our trip reservations in the system, enabling us with some great features for trips.

Down the road we will be scanning your key tags for meals and activities so staff won’t need to manually enter all of that information on the computer. Soon you will be able to make your meal reservations on a monitor and, in the future, you will be able to log in on your computer or phone and sign up for meals, trips, and other activities.

So come to the Center soon and get a key tag issued to you. And don’t forget to bring your fully completed form! Thanks so much for your cooperation.