GFSC Health Renovation Fund - Summer 2017


As of July 17, 2017, the Grand Forks Senior Center has brought in $5,592.50 for the Health Renovation Fund. We started this appeal on July 7. Thank you to all of our donors so far!


If you’ve ever had a bunion, ingrown toenail or simply banged your foot on a table, you know when your feet hurt, it seems like everything else hurts too. As we age many things change, including our feet. Our nurses provide wonderful foot care to address some of the challenges older adults face. On average, nurses at the Grand Forks Senior Center tend to more than 300 seniors every month. That’s 3,000 toes! 

With such a demand for services, it was necessary to expand our Health Department this spring. The expansion provides increased privacy, easier access for those with scooters and walkers, additional exam space, and a larger waiting area. The clinic is now truly accessible for everyone. Previously, narrow doorways and maneuvering around chairs in a tight waiting area resulted in a lot of shins, feet, and arms banged up, especially for those in wheelchairs.

Several funding sources were in place for this project, unfortunately one grant was not funded, leaving a shortfall of $15,000 to cover the health renovation. Thankfully, donations to this fall’s Silver Campaign will support general operating costs across all programs so we can continue to provide everyday services, but there are no excess funds in this year’s budget for the renovation. So we ask for your help.

Please make a difference in our community by contributing to this expansion project. Healthy feet are critical to a good quality of life as we age. Your gift today will help hundreds of older adults stay mobile, healthy, and able to live independently.

To make a gift to the Health Renovation Fund, please click on the 'DONATE' tab above. Thank you for your generosity!